We get a lot of rave reviews for our services, and we wanted to share some of them with you!

From Char S. (Buffalo):
   My mom and I took an immediate liking to Phoebe and Jock upon meeting them. There was a comfort level we felt with them that we did not with other estate sales people we had interviewed. They didn't seem to be all about business. My brother had recently and unexpectedly passed away and their demeanor, empathy and professionalism impressed us immediately. They were also very friendly, no pressure and took all the time we needed to explain the process as we had never done this before. They even met with us a second time before we signed the contract as my mom had more questions. They were very patient, kind and understanding with her which I found refreshing.
   Their terms and conditions are more than fair considering all of the hard work they put in to preparing the property prior to the sale. Their staff is friendly, thorough and my mom was impressed with how beautifully they staged the home to make items look as good and sell-able as possible. Their pricing of items was more than what we expected for many of them including a car and some expensive racing bikes so we were quite pleased with the profit my mom made when all was said and done.
   The clean up was surprisingly complete throughout both levels of the house, nothing was damaged or missing
   They obviously have a vast and diverse following of loyal fans and we would definitely recommend them to anyone in the same or similar situation we were.

From Walt & Gen G (Cheektowaga):
"Dear Phoebe,
Thank you for the check for our estate sale. I do appreciate the trouble you took in helping to dispose of so many things. I'll always remember your kindness when things weren't looking in the right direction for us! Thank you!"

From Richard B. (East Aurora):
"Phoebe and Jock,
Thank you for liquidating the many antique and personal items in my sister’s estate. You made the estate sale process very easy for me by handling all aspects of that process. Because of your knowledge of estate sales market, your region wide customer base, and the effort you put into advertising, staging, and selling the estate items I feel the estate realized the highest amount possible for these items. I found all the statements on your website about your estate sales services to be true and have been recommending you to those who maybe in need of your services in the future. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Richard B, Executor"

From Dinah M (Hamburg):
"I was beyond pleased and impressed with their professionalism and constant communication when called upon. It was an emotional time for my brother and me, having to liquidate our parents home, but the folks at Carnaby took on the task and lifted that weight off our shoulders. I cannot say enough about how these folks handled the entire task. If you are looking for an estate liquidator, I highly recommend the folks at Carnaby."

From Susan G (Depew):
"I hired Carnaby not only sight unseen, but we did all of the negotiations long distance from California for my parent's home. They sent me photos of everything so I could decide what should be kept and what should go into the sale, and kept me posted with photos throughout the entire process. They were able to discover treasures I might have thrown out if I had been there for the initial cleaning of the house - I never would have believed the money brought in from the small household things. The sale was twice as successful as I originally estimated, and the realtor was amazed at the clean condition of the house for her afterward. I can't recommend these guys enough - thanks Carnaby!"

From Michele & Steve (Lancaster):
"We hired Carnaby Estate Sales to run an estate sale for the contents of my deceased parent’s home. This was a large old home, with 45 year’s worth of accumulated items inside. It felt like an overwhelming task, especially since we were living out of state.
   We are extremely pleased with the job that Carnaby did. Phoebe and Jock approached the task with optimism and enthusiasm. They were very communicative throughout the whole process, which was very reassuring for us since we were not on site.
   They were able to schedule a sale quickly, and the amount that they were able to sell - both in terms of number of items as well as price - was amazing. They even worked with our real estate agent to help coordinate getting the house ready to put on the market after the sale. This experience was better than anything we could have ever hoped for. We are very grateful to Phoebe and Jock for their respectful and professional approach to our estate sale, and we would recommend them highly."

From Linda A. (Orchard Park):
"Owners Phoebe and Jock Sharp of Carnaby services staged an estate sale for my aunt. I didn't even have to be at the sale - I didn't have to do a thing. They made it so easy for me. I was very appreciative since I live in North Buffalo and the estate sale was in Orchard Park. They were very knowledgeable about market values and what they thought would sell. I made much more money than expected, I give them my highest recommendation" (this is an A+ review on Angie's List)

From Cynthia B. (Lakeview):
"The owner, Phoebe Sharp, was extremely optimistic and provided many good ideas in selling items from my parent's estate. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to sell estate items.

Carnaby spent the majority of the week planning and staging the estate sale with the sale being on Friday and Saturday. Items we never thought would sell did. They made a difficult job easy and their commission was reasonable." (another A+ review from Angie's List)

From Amy M (West Seneca):
"Carnaby Services handled everything for our estate, from the actual sale to dealing with cleaning out the house and the garage afterward. The sale did far better than expected, and the house sold within two days afterward - we are sure partially because it was left ready for someone to move right in! I highly recommend their services."

From Gary B (East Aurora):
"Jock and Phoebe were easy to work with. I hired them to liquidate my father's estate, and they did an extremely professional job. I was there for part of the sale, and I was amazed to see what a large following they have - their interactions with their customers were fun and friendly, no wonder they get so many repeat buyers. They even sold our van - I had tried to sell it myself before the sale with no luck, but they were able to get a buyer through their huge contact list. I would recommend Carnaby Estate Sales to anyone!"

From William S (Tonawanda):
"We had 80 years of accumulation to clear out and no idea how to begin. There were also a lot of specialty items that needed very specific buyers. We were a little worried about just turning the house over to someone, but Carnaby went through the whole process with us, and we were able to just walk away and leave everything in their hands. They even put up special ads for the special equipment which really helped bring in the buyers. People came from as far away as Toronto. They sold more than we ever though would be possible, and gave us very clear records on all of it. Then they helped all the way through the clean-out process. We are so grateful for all their help and will be recommending them to all of our relatives and anyone else we know."

From Marty D (Buffalo):
I was worried about even letting anyone into my Mom's house; sadly, she was something of a hoarder and the contents were in horrible shape. But Jock and Phoebe were so incredibly kind. They and their team dug right in (literally) and by the time they were done they had unearthed treasures we never knew existed. The sale was a real success, and really helped financially with my Mom's nursing home care. Afterward, they managed the whole cleaning process for us - they really mean it when they talk about leaving a property "realtor ready".

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