Picker Sales


Sometimes we get called to homes where there is really not enough for a traditional two-day estate sale, but what is there is definitely too good to just throw out. We also have situations where staging for a traditional neat-as-a-pin estate sale would not be cost effective for the client (think old barns jumbled with really cool items).

The answer to both these situations is a Carnaby Picker Sale.

Our crack set-up staff comes in, prices higher dollar items, checks to make sure there are no hidden high-value treasures, and does a minimal set-up.

On sale day, customers come and choose their items (they love the treasure hunt atmosphere) and then our knowledgeable sales staff prices everything and sends them to the check out. 

It allows us to hold the sale at a lower cost to the clients so the family can realize a profit rather than just calling in a clean-out company at a high cost to empty the home. A smaller clean-out might still be needed afterward, but the goal is for the sale will cover that and put money into the kitty as well - a win-win for everyone!

A picker sale is exciting for shoppers because they look forward to finding treasures in the rough. Shoppers are happy during the discovery process - and happy shoppers buy more!

Ninety percent of our clients will have enough items for a traditional sale, but if not, know that we have you covered with this option!

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