Clean-Outs/eBay Sales

Right now, since we cannot do onsite sales, we are offering an eBay consignment/clean-out combo for our customers who need a home emptied quickly. (Scroll down for just straight eBay consignment, which we are also happy to do.)

1. Give us a call at 860-1550 for an appointment (just forgive us if we do not shake hands).

2. We will go through your home, and point out eBayable items. We will then give you resources for the rest of the clean out - our liquidator will offset labor costs with saleable items, keeping your costs low. We also have dealers who are currently buying antiques and good furniture.

3. Great eBay items include jewelry, vintage linens, vintage Christmas ornaments, vintage clothing, sterling of all kinds, some vintage collectibles, anything retro, Pyrex, musical instruments, and more (see below for a more comprehensive list).

4. Once contracted, we will remove all the eBayable items, give you a consignment sheet, and begin getting your eBay auctions up online.

5. The eBay consignment fee is on a sliding scale (this includes the moving costs, photography, online listing, shipping labor and supplies, shipping postage costs, and office expenses). eBay and paypal fees are extra.

• items under $50: 40%
• items 50.01 and over: 30%

We list items on a 7-day auction cycle, and pay out on the first of the month for items sold and paid for by the 15th of the previous month. Using eBay is not practical for an instant sale, but because we sell to an international market, you will often get far more for your items than selling them locally.

Obviously having a regular on-site sale brings in far more money since we can sell everything down to toiletries and half cans of paint, but for anyone needing to get a house cleared out quickly, this is a solution that can actually bring in some money rather than you paying out for someone to come and just clear out the entire house. Using our services may even bring in positive cash flow, depending on the situation.

eBay Consignment

We're also happy to do straight eBay consignment on any item you might have for sale, even if you are not looking for a complete house clear out. Call us to discuss what you have!

Check out the consignment fees above (comparable with brick and mortar consignment stores, BTW).

Items that we can accept for eBay consignment include:
• Sterling flatware and hollowware serving pieces
• Silverplate sets depending on pattern
• Vintage costume jewelry, especially rhinestones. vintage men's jewelry
• Vintage linens, chenille spreads, vintage clothing both men's and women's, vintage lingerie
• Musical instruments
• Pyrex, vintage kitchenware, Fiestaware
• Vintage games and toys
• Vintage and antique glass, Fenton
• Anything retro or mid-century
• Vintage Christmas and other holiday ornaments and decor
• Decorative items

Basically, if it's small and shippable, we're happy to take a look at it! We will also do smaller mid-century and antique pieces of furniture using other online venues.

What does not sell well nowadays (even at estate sales):
• Clear glass unless it is an identified Waterford pattern
• China sets with a few exceptions
• Hummels (older ones still sell, but not for a ton - we're still game to try them, but just be aware)
• Over-produced collectibles - collector plates, die cast cars, Precious Moments, bears, etc. Some of these will still sell, but not for anything near what they originally cost
• Beanie babies (sorry!)

There are small things that sell for more than you would think online - and we're pretty up on what is selling on a daily basis.

So give us a call today at 716-860-1550 and let's discuss your situation!

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