Monday, March 16, 2020

We're on Hiatus!

NOTE: We are doing eBay consignment sales and clean-outs for people - check out that tab to see items that might be eligible.

Due to the coronavirus issues locally, we will be on estate sale hiatus for a bit - hope to see you all in late April with some fabulous sales! We're still taking sale appointments, so give us a call and we'll pop on over - when we are able to start back up we should have a lot of avid buyers getting their estate sale fix!

In the meantime, have a house that needs to be cleared out? We know there are many people who need to have their houses cleared for closings, renters coming in and more. Now that an on-site sale is not a current option, we're offering a combination package where we come in and do eBay consignment for you on anything eligible (a good part of every on-site sale we do would actually qualify), and then use our liquidators for a complete clean-out  (including vacuuming and sweeping) of the remaining items. Costs will be less than just hiring someone to take all the contents, and depending on the eBayable contents, you might even come out ahead financially. Check out the details on the tab above, and then give us a call and set up an appointment today - just forgive us if we don't shake hands when we meet. :-)

In the meantime, we are still booking traditional sales for May at this point (which is still the absolute best way to go since literally everything sells!), so if you have a flexible time-frame, click on the   Hiring Us for Your Estate Sale F.A.Q. page on the link on this site for more info, and check out WNY's only American Society of Estate Liquidator's accredited company for your upcoming sale. Your sale deserves Carnaby Care!

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