Sunday, February 18, 2018

Buying for Re-Sale?

Do you buy for re-sale? We're happy to put you in our tax-exempt file! Just bring us a filled-out ST-120 (if you do not have a form handy, you can find the link here). We keep them on file for you (we love to help the environment by not creating more paperwork!), and issue you a green Carnaby Card with your Certificate of Authority number. You just show us your card each time you buy (good for a year) - we go the extra mile to minimize your paperwork hassles! To get your Carnaby Card, you must check the box for "blanket certificate" on your ST-120.

You can also just hand us a form or fill one out each time you shop if you choose. We have plenty at check-out.

We're taking appointments and booking for our spring sales now. Check out our F.A.Q. and article links tabs here on the website, and book WNY's only American Society of Estate Liquidator's accredited company for your upcoming sale. Your sale deserves Carnaby Care! 

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