Monday, April 24, 2017

Two more great sales this weekend!

We'll see you on the 29th and 30th for two great sales in Cheektowaga and Tonawands! Photos are up for both sales, so check out the 29 & 30 sale tabs above for all the details.

We're looking for great people for the summer season - check out the We're Hiring tab above! We are looking for both set-up and sales people - email us today and join the Carnaby team!

If you have not done it yet, take a minute now to like and follow us on Facebook at Carnaby Estate Sales. Make sure to click "all posts" in the notifications section so you don't miss a single announcement (just liking the page will not guarantee our announcements show up in your news feed). Click here to go to our Facebook page. We'd also ask you to share our Facebook page with all your friends!

We're booking into the summer now, so give us a call today at 716-860-1550 - don't miss out on having a fabulous Carnaby Estate Sale! We have some incredible sales coming up; have yours be one of them! People love our wonderfully organized set-ups and friendly staff. Our F.A.Q. page (click the tab above) will answer all your questions about how we run our sales.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's That Time of Year!

For any of our customers who buy to re-sell, it's time to get us a new copy of your ST-120; we will start collecting this year's next weekend. We will keep them on file for you for a year (we love to help the environment by not creating more paperwork!), and issue you a Carnaby Card with your Certificate of Authority number that you carry to show us each time you buy. We run this May to May, so even if you had filled one out recently, you'll still need to do a new one, sorry.

You can also just hand us a form or fill one out each time you shop if you choose.

If you do not have a form handy, you can find the link here.

As we get busier this summer, we will have two check-out lines available during the initial rush - one for tax-exempt and one for regular sales, so just look for the signs. Looking forward to a fabulous summer sales season!